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Ink of Scholar is better than blood of martyr


My dear brother in Shia Muslim:

Waalaikom salam!

When a chinese friend recommended to me your Islamic email news, I already knew you belong to Shia. I am from china and Chinese Muslims traditionally considered to be Sunnis. But I was still happy to subscribe your email news,because we are all Muslims and it is the most important.

I suddenly received your email today and there are something disappointed and lonely in your letter.I decide to write to you because I don’t hope you give up your work for Allah.I often have the same sense too.I am muslim writer in a non-muslim state.Are you in Iran and many Brothers and Sisters of muslim beside you? I can’t see any muslims in my life but I always remind myself that I belong to them.I will write for muslims forever.

Lately I read a news in your email news: OIC Warns of Rising Islamophobia in Europe .I write a blog with other data for it.I had a rethink on ties between the west and muslim world in the article and I found that the article was promptly copied in chinese muslim BBS. I feel satisfied because my work is successful and valuable.Now I must tell you I got your help and Allah may repay your work!

Muslim world couldn’t be estranged. We need communicate each other, but Islamic news in English is too few. I ever read news in English on Islamonline.net.However,they stop updating their English edition lately. Your Islamic email news is my only source!

Prophet Muhammad said: "Ink of Scholar is better than blood of martyr." He stressed the importance of culture.Your work is also Jihad!

I hope you insist on your work. I copy your letter in my blog and hope more people become your friend.

Yours Sincerely




Edward W.Said(left) and palestine poet Mahmoud Darwish(right), we need more cultural soldiers!


Attached the letter of “Free bird”:

Asslamu Alaykum My Dear Brothers and Sisters

This is for many months that I am sending you Islamic News.

I don’t know if it is useful activity or not? Some times I decided to cancel my sending, because I think my activity is not much useful for my friends. But some of my friends encouraged me to continue.

Is my news useful for you? Did you get used my stories in your blog or web site? Has it ever helped you? Have you obtained more information about other Muslims around the World?

So if you think I should continue this activity (gathering Islamic news and spread it to other Muslims), please tell me about it.

Moreover, if you have any suggestions about my activity (sending Islamic News) please tell me.

Thanks a Million!

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