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Explanation of the Situation on October 29th


Around four o'clock in the afternoon on October 29th, I went downstairs to pick up a YunDa Express delivery. When I arrived at the entrance of the residential area where the delivery shelves were placed, there was only me. My purpose was to pick up the delivery, not to get into a conflict with anyone, and there was no subjective malice.

I don't know the person who hit me, and I still don't know his name. He came later riding a motorcycle. He parked the motorcycle diagonally in front of the shelves, with a angry face. Without saying a word, he pushed me aside and started rummaging through the shelves. I felt strange because I had never seen this person in the residential area before. Why would he take deliveries from this residential area? But seeing his aggressive appearance and his tall and strong build, I didn't dare to say anything.

He searched for a while but seemed to find nothing. I couldn't search either, so I suggested to him that we switch positions and search again. He immediately got angry and said fiercely, "Why are you so nosy? And you're even using foul language." What made me most angry was that he cursed at me and even approached me aggressively. The security guard heard the commotion and came to separate us, but the person who hit me pushed the security guard aside and rushed towards me. I asked him, "What do you want to do?" He swung his fist and hit my head, aiming for vital areas. Now my temples, eyes, and the back of my head are still swollen and painful. Because he attacked too fast and too fiercely, I was completely powerless to fight back. I just tried to block his punches, but he was so crazy that he stumbled and fell. I took the opportunity to try to control him, and everyone was persuading him to stop. They pulled me up, and I thought the matter would end there. But unexpectedly, after the person who hit me stood up, he crazily attacked me again, knocking me down to the ground, and only stopped when he got tired. I took advantage of this opportunity to call the police. The policemen came from the police station of Jinan Dongguan street where I was arrested three years ago.

Therefore, I believe that the person who hit me intended to cause harm, used brutal methods, and the consequences are severe. It caused abnormal eye pressure and damage to the optic nerve. I asked the doctor what this means, and the doctor said that if it's severe, it could lead to blindness.

There is surveillance video as evidence of these circumstances.









Hui Muslim












Indonesian Don Quixote

By An Ran

I seemed to see you:
O, a revelation from Andalusia
Went through the masses of people—
The most silent lithosphere in the bottom of the world
Was woken up,
To fight for the dignity of the gold
In this black iron times.

When the darkness wearing a crown of lies
Covered the elephant in the room,
The holy knight, you were a flash of green light,
A rebuttal that was like the pigeon singing
Between the dome and tower.
White Jasmine would make the silver armor for you,
Phalaenopsis would fly to the sky
And became your colorful mounts.

The rain couldn’t wash
Your perseverance that was written in the face yesterday,
Sunlight only deepened your colour of skin like bull.
O, that thin figure is like a sword
Saying no to that northern giant:
Free the beauty of Dulcinea,
Free Uyghur!


Aquatic mosque in Lanzhou city is demolished

This mosque was built beside the yellow river in 1914. It was destroyed in the cultural revolution(1966—1976). It was rebuilt in 1980s. Now history repeats itself again. 


Export Islamophobia made in China

By Cui Haoxin

I wondered at the high survivability of this video when it reappeared on Twitter. Three years ago, it ever provoked a wave of anti-muslim on Chinese social networks.
The video named ‘Lovely girl from Gansu reciting the Koran’ dates from 2014. It had been unknown to the public for two years. This video went viral online in 2016 because of special political cause. 2016 is the key year to both Hui Muslim and Chinese modern history. At that year, the national religions work conference was held by Chinese communists in April. A month later, Chinese anti-muslim activists suddenly launched a massive attack against Hui Muslim with this video and alleged that Northwest China faced serious Islamization. Hui Muslim is previously a secret  like this video. Chinese Communists forbade the people to discuss the sensitive ‘ethnic issues’ for the long term. Hui Muslim also kept a low profile. Though Hui has the most Muslim population in China, Hui Muslim is still familiar stranger to Chinese. The common Chinese even is too difficult to distinguish Hui Muslim from Uyghur. When Chinese Communists leader suddenly opened up the Pandora box, all kinds of misunderstandings and bias against minorities flooded online. The results was so when Chinese anti-muslim activists who almost arose overnight began to attack this video on Weibo, a kind of Chinese microblog like Twitter. And they reported it to the authorities.
Facing this noisy political attack, a few insightful persons reminded the cultural revolution forty years ago. The story also expanded according to old history script: children are forbidden into mosque, ‘illegal’ religious books are banned, Arabic signs are wiped off and mosques are destroyed. But Hui Muslims were poorly prepared for it including me then. Horrified, Chinese Muslims began to defend their religious freedom rights and called on ‘ethnic solidarity'. But it’s useless and we didn’t know the scenes in politics and old political correctness was abandoned.
Someone's Weibo accounts were deleted and someone disappeared in the normal life.
Hui Muslims slowly became voiceless online. Our history and reality images are totally demonized. As karl Marx said: ‘They cannot represent themselves; they must be represented.’ It’s still our fate.
In 2016, a large-scale crackdown against Hui Muslim unfolded. That small video is a trigger.
The story behind seems to not be worthy of telling. No surprise. Gansu province’s department of education quickly responded to the complaint of anti-muslim activist and condemned religion activities is ‘harmful to youth’s physical and mental health'.
When an AFP journalist discovered this video from an Indonesian anti-American militant and informed me on Twitter, I just knew some pro-china Indonesians are attacking Uyghurs with this old video about Hui Muslim. Too ridiculous! The old trick is back. Islamophobia made in China is exported to the global.



Not everyone bows to the unreasonable orders

When Hui Muslim is disobedient, Chinese halal sign is cut off by the officer.


Hui Muslim communities are ordered to wipe off their Arabic culture sign by the official

Note: The photographer gave a close-up shot of the officer!





Breaking: Hijab incident in China

Female Muslim students were forbidden into Fenghuang middle school of Sanya city in Nov 24, 2019.
These girls were admitted into schoolyard in Nov 26, 2019 but the education authorities insulated female Muslim students from others.
Chinese authorities extreme anti-muslim policy is excluding of these girls from education.


Hui Muslims successfully prevented the authorities to demolish a mosque.

I don’t know who edited this touching video but I almost saw all the clips. It happened in Chuxiong city, Yunnan province in Nov 20, 2019. Local Hui Muslims successfully prevented the authorities to demolish a mosque. It’s wonder. Because Chinese authorities think compromise with the people is their failure. And the majority also used to surrender. Even if in Hui Muslims, the resisters are still minority.
“But a man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated”, said Hemingway.