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Chinese political police came on 16th, August 2018

History Record:

Today, Chinese police raided my home and warned me not to use my social media account, such as twitter and facebook.  I rejected. When foreign friends hear about it, they are amazing and don’t understand what's happening in China. They want me to explain...

The Chinese authorities are unwilling to hear the different views and confuse dissent with disloyalty. The harassment often happens for Chinese dissenter. Chinese quote: The government doesn’t resolve the question but they resolve the questioner. A lot of Chinese Muslims were resolved. Some of them are my friends. Some of them disappeared. Some are in prison like Professor Ilham Tohti. 

Recently a meeting of the UN discussed re-education camps that hold several millions Muslims in china. Today this discussion happens between Chinese police and me. They still denied it and warned me not to be made use of the West enemy. It’s a usual threatening to dissenter in China. The threatening language is the only Chinese political language.

The police reminded me that the government want the better for Hui Muslims. I said it’s propaganda. The propaganda causes the jealous of Han Chinese nationalists and should be stopped. I mentioned that if the government ever planned to demolish Weizhou grand mosque. They changed the subject.

Five policemen went into my home and talked with me for two hours. The threat is real!


When many people are in the concentration camps, I can't keep in silence this time. I ever told this word to chinese Gestapo last week.

I will call like a Rosefinch,
Don't make your China Dream!

May Allah bless Uyghur, a ancient nation!