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Chinese muslims donate clothes and money to Syrian refugees

The final months of 2013 is already the third winter of Syria war. Snowflakes fall with barrel bombs. The white snow and red blood cover the older civilization. Though I read “The World Has Forgotten Them” from Onislam.net, thinking about millions of the refugees in Syrian “war against terrorism”, I only remained silent.

After you speak for oppressed, you are cautioned. When you look for food for others from the refrigerator, you find your refrigerator is also empty. How else can you do?

I ask human despair geological: “Have you heard? Have you seen?”

Chinese muslims lately donated clothes and money to Syrian refugees. Chinese muslims live not rich. Most of them are civilians bottom but their hearts with the people of Syrian. Praise for Allah!

2013年尾的时光已是叙利亚内战经历的第三个冬天了,雪花伴着“木桶炸弹”一起落下,那片古老的文明雪白血红。我从Onislam.net上读到那篇《“The World Has Forgotten Them”


我只能绝望地质问人类:“Have you heard? Have you seen?”