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Arab wildfire


Young people seize the Israeli embassy in Egypt is a rich heroism of performance art, it costs a very small violence to correct and defend the "Arab Spring" of the wind!The critics is confused and wary to wildfire from Arabic underground: the true revolutionaries lead the direction of the struggle.

It is the moment that Israeli pay blood to Palestine.

Egyptian army has the Arab world's leading military power,  It has been home-care hospital tool for dictators over the years.  Egypt and Palestine is Arab brothers and should help each other, but Egypt has looked into the flames of Palestinian land cold again.  It is treachery to the brotherhood of Arab and Muslim moral.  Egyptian people is angry to be added. This is a major reason for dictator loss of legitimacy. Replacement of Western ideology and in their minds as the threat of radical Muslim values, again to tame this horse from the old colonial system, is the West a century ghost ghosts.

Youth seize the Israeli Embassy in Cairo more like thirty years ago the Iranian youth seized the U.S. Embassy, the "Arab Spring" forward to the Islamic revolution, the revolution has become an uncontrolled wildfire!